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Modern-Midevil: On hold

2011-11-19 23:04:43 by simi686

Well, i know majority of people honestly don't care, but anyways, cause of school and stuff, im putting Modern-Midevil on hold. I really just cant find the time to work on it lately. Hopefully, it will be done soon, cause i really want to have this project of mine on newgrounds for the entertainment of everyone.


Modern-Midevil: The Sorrow

2011-02-06 16:56:49 by simi686

YA! work on my flash has started. but, please note that the sorrow is just a PREVIEW, but release is not gonna be for a long while. Illpost screenshot later (Y)

All aboard!

2010-11-20 21:21:24 by simi686

Heres that picture i was going to upload last week. A small preview of what you should expect from my flash im making (modern-midevil). Its has 4 of the main characters diving to go and board a boat on a stealth mission. Straight from the comic, no computer editing was done, other than resizing the picture 'cause i don't own a scanner and I had to take a picture of it. And remember, I usually have like 15+ 'image' boxes on a single page, so thats why quality may not be the best. It took like 20 minutes to do this box. Hope you guys enjoy it, and sorry for the crappy writing :)


All aboard!

All aboard!

2010-11-13 18:53:16 by simi686

Im gonna be uploading a picture soon. Its bad ass. From comic (thats becoming my flash movie)

Okay so with high doubt that anyone will read this, i don't know why i bother to post this stuff. But if you do read this, thats cool.

So anyways, the flash I'm currently making (modern-midevil Volume one Part 1) has now been started. Well not litterally, i haven't drawn anything yet, BUT i did make like about 119 to organize everything (AKA, I did Characters----->__________ army--->Army Personel---->[INSERT RANK TYPE OF SOLDIER]---->[INSERT CHARACTER NAME HERE] but alooooooot more folders then that {i only got 3 different types of Armies right now}. But ya I'm pumped. I didn't want to start the project until i had done all the folders and stuff i would need (right now). So ya. My preperation is pretty well done. Now lets just hope i get the script done and i finish re-doing this part. Yup, i just jumped head first into a SHIT LOAD of work. Hope i can handle it lmfao.

Oh yeah, I added in an intro. I hope it turns out well.

Another thing. Voice actors. I need them. I don't care if you can't make multiple voices, all i need is a bunch of voice actors. Just comment or send me off an email ( if you are interested. Really I'm desperate right now for Voice Actors. Cause I personally don't want 20 different soldiers to sound the same. So ya, i'm probably gonna end with like, idk, 50 different voice actors (hopefully).

Amazing news

2010-10-17 13:19:15 by simi686

If anyone is reading these posts, you'll find out that i had numerous problems with my flash animation. The first one was that the demo had expired. The second one was that i was missing rthe first 10 pages of modern-midevil (vol. 1 part 1) and that i wanted to re-do modern-midevil volume 1 almost completely.

Well guess what people! I got flash. Also, im re-doing modern-midevil volume 1 right now (and adding some stuff to modern-midevil 2), and I, to my surprise, I litterally took so much crap out (Ex, at one point i have a pointless turny, that i end up skipping half the turny, and its COMPLETELY UNRELATED to any events.) (Ex2, i had these bat things called blood suckers attack simon+jack in a helo, and it was 100% irelevant to the comic, cause they only appear once). Also, anothe thing surprised me looking back at my newer work, i relised that i have upped my work. Looking back like, 2 pages, i can see a HUGE change. One of the changes is detail, and adding in of some minor details (Ex. Brains coming out the back of someones head when a sniper puts a bullet inbetween the eyes). Ya, so i hope when i transfer my comic, to flash that it keeps this quality of work.

Well goodbye for now,


Offering Talents

2010-09-26 14:25:30 by simi686

Hey everybody. I'm offering my talents here at NG. These are the following you can ask me to help you with:
- Art
- Designs
- Guns
- Blood Splatters
and some other stuff, like gun sounds, cal, and things revolving around these.

Comment if you are going to want to use my talents i'm offering.

Lmfao, about to 100% COD MW2 XD

2010-07-13 16:29:02 by simi686

As you guys know i got modern warfare 2 like 3 days ago, and im about to 100% it with achievements. Man this game is ALOT easier than COD 4 XD

Sleep deprivation

2010-07-12 00:46:17 by simi686

ITs a mind killer. Trust me.



2010-07-11 10:43:06 by simi686

HEll ya, just got cod 6. Time to beat it on veteran XD